Start the new year on a fresh slate

Two powerful programs combined to spit quick cash for the festive season
Clear all debts before christmas, start new year as a free person
Christmas and New year Cash Turn $2.50 in to $20,000

The Christmas Matrix

Everyone starts at this level for $2.50 Each member is given 3 referrals These referrals follow you to the new year matrix When you cycle level4 you join new year matrix with $12 and keep $28.Here goes the plan level1 3 downline, level2 2 downline, level3 2 downline, level4 3 downline, sponsor gets $10 when referral completes level4, you get 4 level1 re entries. Accepts credit/debit cards with stripe, STP and coinpayments
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The New Year Matrix

When each position from Christmas matrix cycle with $40 you donate $12 to the new year matrix , The members allocated to you from Christmas matrix and their downline will follow you , The new year matrix has 7 levels, and each level is a 2x2 filled by 6 people and you get a whooping $20,000. Accepts google ewallet and Bitcoin
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How the team works

On the header menu you click link1 or link2 or link3 to register, then pay $2.50 to upgrade, each link gets 3 referrals and its removed ,all links will rotate here, . After registration enter your username on team spreadsheet, then wait to collect your christmas cashcash, matrix are filled by order of payment in the team straightline, you can purchase as many positions as you want, they will also get referrals.
View straightline here Submit details after payment

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